Thursday, December 8, 2011

1st site visit

Assalamualaikum and hey peeps ! erm, today i'm gonna write an entry regarding my 1st site visit to the construction site. Site visit is a work that a civil engineer must go to visit and make some inspection. the civil engineer that involve in this site we called them as site engineer. working as site engineer you have to sacrifice your white and flawless skin bebeyh ! if you don't want to sacrifice that 2 things, prepared well to work as design engineer, so you can just sit in the office with an air-cond and just sometimes you need to visit the site as you have to ensure all the works at the construction site is done accordingly to your plan design.

Next, back to my story during my site visit as a 1st semester civil engineering student ! ooo deym ! 1st sem ? sounds very cheesy over here ! erm, at first, i am very excited to visit the site as it is the 1st time i'll entered the construction site. unfortunately, my luck is soooooo sooooo bad today ! sigh . we were all going to the site just cycling as the site just about 2km from our uni. what a bad luck when my bicycle's chain got stuck and need very hard work to remove it , but, i'm very grateful to have such caring  group members . thanks God . they are all 3 chinese and my two other friends and i were the only malay during the site visit. there were also one more group that joining us to that site. and all them are too chinese. they are very determine for helping me with that bicycle .


after they successfully pulled out the chain, for the second time after a few seconds i ride it, then happen the same thing again . ergh ! i'm strrrresssed at that time, so i decide to ride with my friend using one bicycle and i left my bicycle by the roadside. i sat on the seat and she handling the bicycle . ok, such a funny thing to remember. then after reach at the site, fine ! my energy is all gone. what a shame right ? everything is going mess because of me. yeah, maybe the group members are all very caring but i felt very guilty. sigh again. so i end up sitting in the office cabin waiting for them return from visiting the site. so sad ok ! there is no effort at all from me.

but then, when all are settled, my chinese group members were helping me again with the bicycle until his hand got cut here and there. at that time, my guilty feeling become worse and worse. i'm feeling guilty, sad, discourage and all the bad feeling to feeling of . sigh sigh sigh . later they done repairing the chain again, it happen again, the same deym thing ! ok fine fine fine. finally, my two other friends hold my hand while we altogether were cycling. as we arrived at our hostel, we are all starving for lunch !


  1. whatta mess!i'll get u a car if i'm rich!luckily u got helpful group members..

  2. seriously ! denggg .... the day after that i'm trying to avoid the group memebers !. haha ...feeling guilty....