Monday, December 31, 2012

smile everyone, it's sedekah :)

Assalamualaikum and hey peeps~ its 31st december 2012 and its monday everyone! well, i'm counting right now. this year, how many times i have updated this blog?! omaiii. *boleh kire ngan jari*. and suddenly the last entry for this year appear on the last day of 2012! *entah, tetibe ada some points nak tulis-tulis kat sini*.  

oh yeah, before its too late, let me wish everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! *throwing confetti in the air*. and yes, of course, let us all become better and for sure live to grab blessing from Allah s.w.t :) SMILE :) yeah. who love to smile and who'd love to get a smile from others? i do. and hopefully we all do. 

just watch a short show 'Fattabiouni' or in malay 'maka teladani/contohi aku'. in this case, the show tell us what Prophet Muhammad s.a.w do's in his everyday life or what we called his sunnah. from the episode that i just watched, it told us to smile :). Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is a person who love to smile every time he talks to his sahabat(s) r.a.. He is the best icon, the best role model for us. he is the most successful person in this world, a man who Allah love the most. erm, maybe just a few of them who successful without smiling everyday just, just their luck :) so us, especially the muslims,let us follow prophet Muhammad sunnah. lets start our day with smile. because smiling is actually spread a positive energy :)

 p/S: even before his last breath, prophet Muhammad s.a.w gives his sahabat(s) r.a a smile :')

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