Wednesday, October 17, 2012

test quizzes presentations and mock-job interview

Assalamualaikum and hey peeps ~ i'm feeling more better now. no more feeling down or giving up. just wake up from my dream and realise my journey is still long and i have to complete this journey.

oh yeah, the time has come. the tests and quizzes are lining up for their turn to make my brain up-side-down! well, i'm on my 'take-5' moment of revising and suddenly feeling like updating this blog. for tomorrow night, got numec a k a numerical method test. while few weeks later lot more of quizzes, presentations and mock-job interview! 

ok. the mock job int, is like preparing us (students) to be well prepared to be interviewed when we are all graduated from UMP. *hopefully this works in the future*. so guys, who ever also facing and struggling for the test, quizzes, presentations and mock-job interview, good luck!

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