Sunday, June 12, 2011

alhamdulillah , terengganu wins FA cup ~

finally, last week after lost to kelantan in liga super, last night it was revenge by terengganu to win in FA cup with 2-1 and luckily one of the goal for terengganu was made by kelantan's player itself. thanks for that =))
and for terengganu congrats guys !

act, i've not watch soccer for a long time for the reason i was staying at the hostel and even i was lag the world cup for last year. so bad . i start to love soccer since i was in elementary school. i love my terengganu fc so much and i even can remember all the members. but now, it's all deleted for no reason and much worse i don't even know who's the terengganu fc player for now. they are all new and YOUNG for me. hihi . so, to be honest, now i know nothing about the soccer except i want them to score as much goal as they can ! haha.

back to the FA cup story mode. i was watched it live at the 63 minutes or something. to be honest too, i don't kow it will be held last night until i turn to rtm's channel. so later on, i was stuck on that channel and i was the one at the front if the tv and also i was the most spirited supporter other than my family members . all of them was laughing as they saw my unpredictable reaction who just like being possessed ! LOL

so, that is me when i watch the football !

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