Tuesday, November 29, 2011

family outing

Assalamualaikum and hey peeps ! how you doing guys ? nothing much to update. just some stories of me my sister and my nieces hanging out together at Midvalley. act, we were planning to watch 'breaking dawn part 1', but deym ! the tickets are all selling fast and sold out ! at the end, we were all end up watching 'misteri jalan lama' ? ohemji ! what can i say about this movie ? better you watch it at youtube . err, if and only if i save that money and watch 'breaking dawn' here in Kuantan, it is more worthy hokay . more worthy ! 

After having our 'late lunch', we just walking around the Midvalley. walking here and there, and still walking around the same floor, the next floor, the next lower and upper floor. and just that, conclusion, no money no talk -_- and only after maghrib we were all return to our home.

the next day, i was going to Amcorp Mall in PJ finding some books. then i was attracted to this one book store which sold secondhand books. not all the books sold are the old books, some of them are a new book. i thought maybe some of the firsthand-owner of those book sold the books only after one time reading. mostly of the books i found are below than RM50. what makes the book store more interesting for me is, i found a lot of books related to aviation and flying. at first, i was holding two books about an aviation, but later my sister show me this one book which i have searching for it for a long time, The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve ! this novel is about a pilot's wife who's her husband was dead in a plane explosion. that is the point of the story, after all, i have not yet read that book till the end . hoho.

then the last day in KL, i just only bought the ticket to Kuantan in afternoon, and my bus is on 530 pm. while waiting for my 'take-off' time, we decide to hang around in KLCC . ok fine, for a long time i haven't step my foot in KLCC. the last time was when i was in high school. maybe about 2 or 3 years ago. having subway for lunch, walking and walking like usual, and i have to ' take-off' later. the worst feeling i ever feel is when i need to take the bus to return to UMP. i hate that feeling deyyymmmm much !

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