Friday, May 28, 2010

. dunia baru .

first of all is , assalamualaikum... erm . now i'm already unisel's student ! can't believe it . time is moving too fast . erm . act , i have a lot of things to share about here .

erm . like usual . every new student will join the orientation . like what i've wrote before, i hate orientation damn much ! but finally the session is fun for me . but only for the safari night activity , haha . coz in that game , every group members was perfomed the best attitude to protect the others group members . so sweet and nice guys ! =)

and so the facilitators . you all rock beb ! erm . maybe sometimes, we got down when being scolded . but finally we understand your responsibility ! salute . . .

ok ! and student from t'ganu only 5 including me . too small in number ! but its ok . and, the new things that i had learn in unisel is . many of the students are using english to communicate ! huhu . its pretty cool .

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